About Us

Friends & Family Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in 1992 to provide community-based services to the adult special needs population. Our company provides direct care for both group homes as well as semi-independent programs throughout multiple counties in Michigan for individuals (18+) with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.

At Friends & Family, our philosophy is rooted on the Gentle Teaching method created by Dr. J. McGee. Gentle Teaching is based on a psychology of human interdependence. It asks caregivers to look at themselves and their spirit of gentleness to find ways to express warmth and unconditional love toward those who are the most disenfranchised from family and community life.

Our loving and caring personnel are adequately trained and mentored by Gentle Teachers throughout the duration of their employment. With this we can assure that the individuals we serve are provided with the safest and least restrictive environment possible, which maximizes their social and psychological growth.

We also have our beloved Friends Foundation—a small committee that raises funds for the adults served through our company in areas such as dentistry, clothing, outings, activities, etc.; which are otherwise not covered by Medicaid.

The Friends Foundation’s primary fundraiser is the annual Mid-Winter Breakdown held in February of each year. This dinner/dance/raffle function has historically raised approximately $7,000.00 each year for our wonderful patients.

Friends & Family is also contracted with the Macomb Oakland Regional Center. This center provides our company with resident referrals, employee training guidelines, supports coordination, nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, financial services, etc.

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